Download Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows movie maker (formerly referred to as Windows Live film producer, codenamed Sundance) is a freeware video editing software system by Microsoft. It is a section of Windows essentials software system suite and offers the ability to create and edit videos as well as to publish them on YouTube, Flickr, OneDrive, and Facebook.

The first release of Windows movie maker was enclosed with Windows NT in 2000.

Version 1.1 was included in Windows XP a year later, and included support for making DV AVI and WMV 8 files. In Nov 2002, Version 2.0 was then released as a free update, and added a number of latest features. Version 2.1, a minor update, is included in Windows XP Service Pack two. The movie maker in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 had more transitions and support for DVD burning.

The next version of movie maker was released as a part of Windows vista and – like most Windows components – reported version number to be 6.0.6000, which was similar to Windows vista OS itself. Thereafter, it enclosed new transitions and effects, and had support too for the file format DVR-MS, that Windows Media Center records TV in. The HD version, found in Premium and ultimate editions of Windows vista also offers extra support for capturing from camcorders of HDV. However, the Windows movie maker version of the Windows vista removed support for importing video from an analog video source such as an analog camcorder, videocassette recorder or from a digital camera.

For successful Installation to take place Windows vista is needed and is simply intended to be used on computers wherever the hardware accelerated version can't be run.

A Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) version of Windows movie maker was also included in some builds of Windows "Longhorn" (Windows Vista as it is known now), but was later removed from the development reset in August 2004.

A new version of the software system, renamed “Windows Live movie maker 2009”, was consequently released to the market as a beta on the September 17, 2008, and thereafter released officially through Windows Live essentials suite as a standalone product on August nineteen, 2009. This was effectively completely new software system because it couldn't read projects created by earlier versions and didn't support custom XML transitions written for the previous versions of the same.

Movie Maker's interface was redesigned to use a ribbon toolbar kind of like office 2007, and also added features like "Auto Movie" and also the ability to export videos directly to DVDs and YouTube. Certain advanced features were also removed from the software system, like image stabilization, chroma key, and also the ability to record voiceovers. Movie maker 2009 supported both Windows vista and Windows 7; as the previous version of Windows movie maker isn't any longer included with the OS, the only way to get movie maker on Windows seven and later was through the Windows Live essentials suite.

released on August seventeen, 2010, was a newer version known as, “Windows Live movie maker 2011”, was, adding webcam capture, support for high-definition video, the power to upload videos on to SkyDrive and Facebook, and also the ability to feature media files stored on network shares to projects.