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Windows Mail is an email and newsgroup client included in Windows vista OS version. Windows Mail isn't a part of internet explorer, in contrast to Outlook express, that was bundled with internet explorer versions four to six. As such, Windows Mail isn't available for Windows operating systems prior to vista, whereas Windows internet explorer seven was made available for Windows XP OS. Windows Mail consequently has also been replaced by Windows Live Mail, that was built by the same development team as Windows Mail and also is the replacement for Outlook express for Windows XP. Windows Mail replaced Outlook express, that came with previous Windows versions.

The interface of Windows Mail has very minor variations from Outlook express like the toolbar icons being replaced to reflect Windows Vista's interface and a few interface features incorporated from Outlook 2003 including the right-hand "reading pane", larger changes have been made hidden from the user.

Microsoft bundled Outlook express with all versions of internet explorer up to internet explorer six, however Outlook express wasn't bundled with internet explorer seven and later versions. Windows Mail wasn't bundled with internet explorer.

• Windows Mail uses IPv6 if the domain name for the servers resolves to IPv6.

• Mail messages are now stored in individual files rather than in a single info file. A transactional index database based on the extensible Storage Engine permits real-time searching and improves the stability and also the reliability of the stored data. just in case of corruption, the indices can be rebuilt from the mail files.

• Account setup information is no longer kept within the registry. it's instead stored alongside the mail itself, making it possible to copy a whole Windows Mail configuration and mail store to a different machine in a single step.

• Added Features include the bayesian junk mail filtering and top-level domain and encoding blocking have been added .

• A phishing filter has been incorporated still, protecting users from websites that have been identified as being malicious.

• Additionally, Microsoft help groups have been added to it, that is a link preconfigured to the newsgroups Microsoft.

• Earlier before, the object model of Outlook express was undocumented, except for simple MAPI messaging functionality unlike its succesor.

Unlike its forerunner the Outlook express, Windows Mail software system doesn't have WebDAV, what makes it incapable to access web-based email services through WebDAV. Though Outlook express integrates with Windows messenger too, Windows Mail seems to have no such unique integration as Windows messenger is not any more included. An application that is full-featured and downloadable for free, Windows Live Mail, has been noted to integrate with the Windows Live Contacts.

Unlike Outlook express, Windows Mail doesn't permit users to switch Identities or manage multiple identities inside one running instance of the single program.

Also, windows mail no longer supports http clients.

The ability to use the spellchecking dictionaries of MS office (when installed) has been consequently removed too. Windows Mail has been geared to support only the following languages in its software:

• English (US only)

• French

• German

• Spanish (International Sort)