Download Windows Live Essentials

Windows Live Mail is a package email client from Microsoft. It’s the successor to Outlook express on Windows XP and Windows Mail on Windows vista. The application is accessible for download via the Windows essentials suite. The first version of Windows Live Mail was released on November six, 2007. The Windows Live Mail version numbering starts at twelve because this application is an advancement of Windows Mail, not a wholly new application. Windows Live Mail is developed by the same team that wrote Windows Mail.

Windows Live Mail has all of the features of Windows Mail. It additionally adds the following new features:

• A completely different user interface that matches the other Windows Live "Wave 2" applications.

• Synchronization with contacts of Windows Live.

• Support for RSS feeds. The RSS functionality needs web explorer 7 or newer.

• Multi-line message lists.

• Emoticons may be employed in emails and different functions.

• In-line spells checking.

• Support for sending image files in emails through the photograph email feature that uploads photos to a web-based service and sends the URL and thumbnails within the mail. It may also perform basic photo correction and apply completely different border effects to photos.

While Windows Live Mail is the successor to Windows Mail on Windows vista, there have been many variations in functionality between Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail when it was released in the year 2007 finally. These unique features among others include:

• Ability to view and edit hypertext mark-up language email by source has been removed in Windows Live Mail

• The functionality enabling it to set document margins neatly has been removed

• Locally installed facilitate documentation isn't available for Windows Live Mail

• Support for using completely different mailboxes with separate folders (i.e. inbox, junk so on) as well incorporated in Windows Live Mail software.

• Support for DeltaSync, a proprietary protocol for access to Windows Live Hotmail email accounts, was additional in Windows Live Mail

• Support for WebDAV HTTP-based protocol (web-based email accounts) was added in Windows Live Mail

• Also available in the software is the functionality that enables to perform any full-text thorough index-based searching in Windows Live Mail if Windows Search is installed

• A beta version of Windows Live Mail was released in September 2008. It features a brand new user interface which is just like the other Windows Live "Wave 3" beta applications that was released at the same time. It also features a brand new calendaring function; calendar events automatically synchronize between Windows Live Mail and therefore the Web-based Windows Live Calendar. A "beta refresh" version of Windows Live Mail was released on Dec fifteen, 2008, and this version was formally released as the final version on Jan eight, 2009. This was the last version to support Windows XP.

• Version 2009 still contains a similar MIME problem with signed mail that Outlook express has.

The first beta came out on June 24, 2010. The second beta came with a brand new start-up screen and other minor updates. The ultimate version of Windows Live Mail 2011 was released on September thirty, 2010, along with the Windows Live essentials 2011 suite.