Download Windows 7 themes

Support for themes has been extended in Windows seven. Additionally to setting the colours of the desktop icons, window chrome, mouse pointers, desktop background and sound schemes, themes in Windows seven include desktop slideshow settings. a brand new control panel interface, accessible through the "Personalize" context menu item on the desktop, has been introduced that provides the ability to customise and switch between themes, as well as download a lot of themes from Microsoft's site. Support for "theme packs" is included; theme packs are cabinet files with an extension of .theme pack, and incorporates a .theme as well as any variety of image, sound, icon, and mouse pointer files. Windows seven acknowledges this file format and can switch the user's theme to the theme contained inside once opened. A Windows seven themes can also specify an RSS feed from that new desktop background images can be downloaded.

Six new "Aero Themes" are included in the new windows 7: design, Characters, Landscapes, Nature, Scenes, and an extra country-specific theme that's determined based on the defined locale once the OS is installed. Windows seven includes themes for the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Japan, Republic of South Africa and Australia, and whereas the theme for the user's home country is the only 1 displayed within the interface, the files for all these themes are included within the OS installation. The country-specific desktop backgrounds depict both famous places in those countries (such as the Sydney skyline) as well as country scenes.

Despite the new customization options introduced with Windows seven, the OS left an enormous niche for freelance theme designers and programmers. They bring extended modifications to the Windows shell (graphical user interface) and explorer frames as well as to different various elements of the Windows seven stock interface. By default these themes aren't supported by Windows seven, as they require further patching of some system files. As any third party changes to the system this brings moderate risks, thus caution is advised when preparing Windows seven for custom themes. There are several on-line communities, where designers share their work and most of them are freed from charge. A number of the largest sources for custom themes include: deviantart, megathemer as well as different windows seven dedicated web pages

Windows vista introduced Gadgets and a sidebar that provides the flexibility to anchor Gadgets to the side of the user's desktop. In Windows seven, the sidebar has been removed, while gadgets will still be placed on the desktop instead. Windows seven adds a Windows Media Center gadget to the default collection while removing the Contacts and Notes gadgets.

The context menu of Desktop includes a brand new "Gadgets" menu option to access the gadget gallery, and a "View" sub-menu option to show or hide gadgets. Hiding gadgets leads to the sidebar.exe process being blank, that Microsoft says could be a power-saving practice. In contrast to Windows scene, all gadgets run in an exceedingly single method, that saves memory, and also the process isn't run in the least if the user has no gadgets on the desktop. Gadgets can be delivered to the foreground on high of active applications by pressing Win+G.