Microsoft Windows 7 RC Download

All products that can be found in the market are improved based on the feedbacks of consumers. That is also the case with all the products that have ever been released by Microsoft. They are always listening to whatever their customers and partners have to say. Thus, it is not surprising why the company has now reached the kind of development it now experiences. When the operating system Windows 7 was about to be released back then, Microsoft also stated that it was the same thing that enabled the development of the OS.

Along with the launching of the product back then was the availability of the Microsoft Windows 7 RC download. Through the RC download of the operating system, consumers are given the chance to try and use the full version of the operating system even before it was made available in the market. However, the availability of the RC Windows 7 did not mean that the launching was delayed. It was only the company’s way of letting Windows consumers have a peek of the OS.

The launching of the Windows 7 RC is made possible due to the feedbacks that Microsoft gathered from their partners and customers worldwide. It also means that the development of the OS is already in the final phase. Added to that, it is already a signal that the partners will be starting developing new applications, services and device drivers. For IT professionals, it means that it is their chance to evaluate and examine the OS.

Today, since users can simply download the Windows 7 RC, it gave them the chance to experience how the OS works and how good it is as that. Through the RC, users will have an idea of the features they can enjoy when using it. Some of the things you will experience upon downloading the RC are:

The first advancement you can enjoy in the Windows 7 RC is the Remote Media Streaming. Through this feature, you will have a secure way of accessing remote internet connection coming from another Windows 7 PC outside your home to your digital media libraries that are home-based. There is also the featured Windows XP Mode. This advanced feature will let you run and use as many Windows XP productivity applications as you want. Added to that, there is also the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. This will be your key in ensuring that the transition will go smoothly. The feature will help you in analyzing your PC as a step in preparing for an upgrade in the operating system.

Aside from several advancements, there is also a list of enhancements which you can also enjoy once you download the Windows 7 RC. These enhancements are the much refined navigation and with the Internet Explorer 8, you will be able to start an InPrivate Session from the JumpList. You will also now be able to control your PC by touching, which is made possible by the Window Touch feature.

There are other more things that you can enjoy in Windows 7 RC. If you want to have a glimpse of it, there is only one thing that you need to do and that is to find and press the Windows 7 RC download button.