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Since the beginning of the Microsoft Windows 3.x version, whose publication was a few years ago, there has been a secure mode that people can retrieve when their PC’s are not functioning well. A secure mode is a problem-solving mode whose maintenance is on almost all current operating systems e.g. Microsoft Windows, Linus, Apple Mac Operating System X and BSD.

The secure mode is destined to let the user to open the operating system by putting in few number of background and drivers services when the OS otherwise is unable to boot naturally. The secure mode of Microsoft Windows can aid the user in mending an inaccurate program or driver, whose connection may have been by mistake, or mending a faulty hardware that is stopping the OP from booting up routinely.

All over the years, Microsoft has applied the particular style to open the Microsoft Windows Safe Mode, which is to press the F8 button when you are booting or starting your PC. This method has been operational for Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 98Se, Millennium, XP, Vista and Microsoft Windows 7 (not including the server versions that also adopted the F8 method).

Nevertheless, with the introduction of the Microsoft Windows 8, for a certain reason, Microsoft has tucked away the feature to let people to boot in the same mode to mend potential troubles in the OS.

All mentioned and done, if you are searching for useful applications for Windows, Microsoft windows gallery is available for accessing the apps. To open the official page, you can find the way to the actual link from your desktop gallery or browser, but the download that is more helpful is the Windows 7 device gallery that offers a wide selection the devices that are available from Microsoft.

It is simple to install the modern devices in your PC. With easy mouse clicks, you are able to install the preferred device from the official page. Prior to installing the device, you need to verify if it is genuine or from a trusted developer. This is to make sure of the security in relation to the installation.

The procedure is simple with the Firefox browser, although it will have minor changes in different browsers. Make an effort of choosing the most beneficial device and give importance to particular ones. If you are working on a laptop, you choose the Xirrus Wi-Fi monitor, which is a device that lets you to administer the wireless networks easily.

This will assist to scrutinize the availability and the strength of the signals. It has additional functions that assist to deactivate the wireless convertor of the system. In the Microsoft Windows download, you will get the ‘Atom/RSS news reader’, which is a device that updates you with your popular news feeds.

The “weather center” device updates you with the weather information in an elegant and detailed way. You can select the parameters for display and the device updates it involuntarily from six weather resources making it easier for you to read.