Garageband Free Download for Windows

Are you an amateur musician? If you are, then you have probably already heard about the Garageband. It is known as the music-waiting software that was developed by Apple. As an amateur musician, it is the most important software you would want to have to perfect your compositions. Thus, this software is probably on your list of top software to be downloaded. That is why if ever you want to have it downloaded on your PC, you would surely start searching for a website where you can download it. Fortunately, there are a lot of ones that you can find where the Garageband free download for Windows is offered.

At this point, you must already consider yourself lucky. Why? That is because back when it was first introduced in the market, there was not a version that can be used for Windows. But today, you can already benefit since the software already has a version that can be downloaded and installed in your Windows PC.

There were several reasons why the software was not available for Windows download then. First of the reason is the fact that it is part of Apples’ iLife suite. Thus naturally, the developer would want to practice exclusivity of the software. That meant Apple want to keep the usage of the software to remain on their own products including computers and OS. They thought that once it is offered universally, the only result would be that they will lose part of their market share with their products, specifically computers. There is also the reason that even though they would get huge net revenue once they made the software available for Windows, Apple still preferred to keep their computers to be the premiere on visual and audio editing. They want that to be the case for both professional and beginners.

The third reason is that the software Logic System’s part and the system is no offered on Windows. That only means that the software would not be offered too. Lastly, Apple reasoned out that there is a lot of software like Garageband in the market. One that is accessible for Windows. With these reasons explained, it is now understandable why Apple chose that way.

Not all PC users may be also Windows users. But there will be some amateur musicians who are and the information may have disappointed you. Well, there are also plenty of reasons why you would feel that way. These reasons may include the fact it has several features that will prove to be very helpful to you as an amateur musician. Some example of these features are its full midi support, multi-tracking record, built-in sound effects, professionally recorded loops and several virtual instruments. Thus, it is not surprising why you would feel disappointed.

However, you do not have to feel that way for so long. Why? There is good news for you. Today, there is already a website where the Garageband free download for Windows is offered. With that, you can now rejoice. But you should also start downloading it, so you can begin exploring the function and features of the software.