Download Windows For Free

Microsoft Windows is a sequence of graphical interface OS created, promoted and retailed by Microsoft. Microsoft presented an operating setting known as Windows some time ago as a graphical OS shield for MS-DOS in answer to the increasing attention in graphical user interfaces. Windows emerged to control the globe’s PC market with more than ninety percent market value, outdoing Mac Operating System.

Windows 7 is becoming very common for all the people using it around the world. Windows 7 is favored for its graphics, features, speed and usability. Once you have installed Windows, you receive numerous themes, wallpaper and desktop gadgets, and after a while, you still want more as you a dissatisfied and this leads you in looking for more and more.

You are on the advantage because you can download windows free and get new themes, wallpaper and desktop gadgets for your windows 7 laptop and desktop computer. You can download windows free in various ways and once you do it, it brings you thrilling new methods of using your computer. It is intuitive, fast and designed to allow you perform all you require and the style you want.

You can search anywhere with Bling Smart Search from the website and applications on your personal computer and get what you wanted straight way. It is easy to play a song, make a call to your friend, access to your popular site or an application and all you have to do is search and do.

Now the start button is at the taskbar with the free download windows. If you desire, it is now easy for you to go to the desktop right away when you login and you can apply the consistent background for both your start and desktop. It is simple for you to look at all your applications at a glimpse in the fresh all-applications view.

With the new free windows download, you can multitask comfortably; chat while you are still playing your favorite game, do your shopping while watching, or doing your chores while still listening. Subject on the screen size, you are able to see up to more than three applications and change between them effortlessly.

You can use it the way you want on the start screen where you will find additional tile sizes, more color choices and animated settings. You can also see slide shows of your popular pictures on the lock screen and perform activities without the need to unlock your personal computer.

You will always get your files, as you will have the advantage of saving them and your pictures to a single drive impulsively placing them anywhere – even on a different device where they can be safe incase anything happened to your PC.

It will be easy for you to put your power down quick because the power button will be easily visible on the upper-right end of the start screen. It will be quicker and easier as there are some variety of computers that do not possess this power button. Nevertheless, with the free download windows, working on your computer becomes more interesting.