Download Windows Phone 7

The Windows Phone SDK offers you with many of the tools that will enable you to create games and applications for Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 devices. Windows market place lets you download Windows Phone 7 applications and game file extension straight to your personal computer rendering the earlier downloaded files absolute useless because you will need to download again in case of any loss of data.

It is very upsetting for many users because Windows market place is unavailable in most countries especially India where the users have no choice but to wait for Microsoft to facilitate the marketplace. In such situations, it is exceedingly important to obtain downloads Windows Phone 7 to your personal computer with no interference of Zune.

There is a way that you can alter the country in your settings, but there is an application available and it lets you download windows phone XAP files straight to your personal computer called EGENO. It has proven to be a very convenient tool that usually rescues many users where there is the unavailability of the marketplace.

One of the most advantage of utilizing XGENO is because you do not have to use Zune player or login to your Windows Live ID in order for you to download applications from the marketplace. Its metro UI will offer you the same experience as the native marketplace app on your gadget, hence making is a very simple application. Besides this, you can download it free.

To download XGENO, extract the zip subject matter and then run the program straightforwardly, Windows Phone 7 should do it as an administrator. Once you have done this, the next step is to go to the setting option to set the download route. This is where your downloaded files will be save onto your personal computer.

To launch this application, you will be required to set the path every time. There is also the availability for proxy server setting in order to download the application or game incognito. Just in case you need to download Windows Phone 7 applications secretly, you will be required to write the proxy address you will be using in this field. You can later on use XAP installer to transfer or to install the file into your Windows Phone 7.

There are previously few apps accessible in the XDA developer forum that can do the same installation of XAP files. XGENO is useful when you are cynic in attempting the app straight to your Windows Phone. It is easier if you use the developer tool to route it on a copy and post it to the actual device later on. The disadvantage of working with XGENO is the app file is not stored by the apps title in the marketplace but by app ID.

It is very hard to identify the app by looking at the ID; therefore, it is necessary for you to mark the XAP files as soon as you download them. XGENO allows download Windows Phone 7 one at every single time and sometimes it hangs which is quite normal.